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A water pipe puzzle

You jump in into the role of an apprentice to support the overwhelmed master plumber. In front of you there is a wrecked pipe system, which urgently has to be fixed. Through a touch on a pipe you reposition them. If you do this well, you will surely find a solution and then it's just: Open the faucet and turn on the water.

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Accept the challenge

Solve the puzzles as fast as possible. The faster you are, the higher the trophy (bronze, silver and gold medals). The levels have different difficulties and will steadily become more difficult. Plumber 3D doesn't just challenge your logical thinking, but also your reaction and coordination skills.

  • Based on the classic pipe puzzles
  • Eight different pipe types
  • Beautiful 3d graphics
  • Total of 600 levels
  • Compare yourself to your friends
  • Many achievements await you
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Caution! The water can flood everything!

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Look out! Time is not on your side!

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Wrong way

Attention! It's important to take the correct way!

Absolutely great brain exhausting game! ★★★★★

"I like the game very much, as well as the possibility to compare myself with others. From easy to difficult, there is something for everyone here. I had to use my old brain very much to solve some puzzles. :-)"

- by Sakilady -

Awesome, tricky game! ★★★★★

"The game really challenges me! Super!"

- by Jacqueline Z. -

Game with great potential! ★★★★★

"This game is lots of fun and once started, it's very difficult to stop!"

- by Tanja A. -

Funny tricky game! ★★★★★

"The game is really fun and repeatedly brings new challenges!"

- by Nyffi90 -

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